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I am working with the elderly. Almost everyone I work with is confined to a wheelchair. Many of them have no visitors, and many of them have dementia.

What is universal is their need for love. They reach out for hugs and kisses. Those I can provide.

On EP many of the questions on the Q&A board have to do with love...finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend...finding the perfect one for the rest of your life...but we never consider that ultimately, we may be alone....and still in need of love...but trapped inside bodies less than admirable.

That is why I urge you to love the spirit of your potential partner more than their outward appearance...because eventually only the spirit of them remains...and that part of them needs love...your love.

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Posted on 05:09PM on Nov 22nd, 2012
therapy dogs? would that not be a plus?
Posted on 07:00PM on Nov 22nd, 2012
Yes...we have therapy dogs in plenty, my friend...however, they can only visit for a short while, and I think that misses the point, which is to love the spirit of your loved one more than their outward appearance, even into their declining years....and love the spirit of your elders now and see who they truly are, and not just their outer shell.
Posted on 07:02PM on Nov 22nd, 2012
And I forgot to add...HUGS!!!!!!!!
Posted on 06:49PM on Feb 3rd, 2013
You share great wisdom here. Being alone like that is a fear of mine. I don't even like it now, when I am still "ok."
Posted on 07:51AM on Feb 4th, 2013
I think it's something that shallow people don't consider....they are all about appearances....when appearance is just the shell of the person. What remains when we age? If you love THAT part of the love well....and truly.
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