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I spoke to my cousin last night, and she told me about a wonderful romantic moment that had occurred between herself and her husband.

Recently he has lost his job due to lay-offs, and he went through a knee replacement surgery week before last and is recuperating, and he has been keeping my cousin awake all night talking. Good-naturedly, rather than sleep on the sofa, (which is what I would have done!), she decided not to sleep at all and got up to work on the Christmas lights. She made a pot of coffee at 4 a.m.

Her husband got up and offered to help her, and they worked on the lights all the rest of the night.

And then my cousin told me they did a wonderful, romantic thing together that they have not been able to do in years, because he usually has to get up and leave for work at 4 am, and she works...and they both go to bed early....and they are both always so tired. She said they lay down in bed together and they watched a wonderful romantic movie on the Hallmark channel together until 10 am.

I had no idea...until she told me this hard they have been working...and how much they have sacrificed out of their that they think it is a wonderful romantic thing to be able to take the time to watch a movie.

It makes me appreciate my life. It makes me so grateful for all that I have been given, both in the past, and now.

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