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I went out on New Year's Eve Day....and it was one of "those" days. I have never seen quite so many people behaving so aggressively in the parking lots. At one point, I thought I was going to have to back up INTO the store to escape from a cluster of four SUV'S who decided to leave their parking spaces at the same time and rush toward me. I barely angled into a parking spot when the car beside me decided to activate itself....there was no safety anywhere.

I tried to drive to another store...and an elderly man could not decide whether to exit...should he? Shouldn't he? Stop...hesitate...pull out a bit..the man in the car in front of me decided at first to let him go....then he changed his mind.....then he changed his mind again and SLAMMED on the brakes and I nearly rear-ended him.

Inside the store, I needed a basket, so I exited the store to get one....and as I walked back into the store a tall man in front of me came to a dead stop and went into the zombie zone. I said to myself..."Surely he will wake up in a moment and resume walking.." I walked up behind him.....and he performed a 180 degree turn and smacked right into me.

At the cash register, my debit card was denied. Later on, I was to discover that my automotive insurance had arbitrarily changed the date of their automatic premium withdrawal. Oh, happiness, happiness, thy name is bureaucracy.

Blindly, I exited the store....perhaps entering the same zone as that tall man, before me....only to find that my car was on the opposite side of the store. I had a long, cold walk.

I was starving. My blood sugar plummeted....I kept ignoring my own advice ..."Go get a sandwich...go get a sandwich."  I would say to myself..."Shut up...I'm busy." (Well...not!!)

At this point, I got into my car and everyone in the world became a donkey's rear end. There WAS no good person anywhere. No good drivers existed. Did low blood sugar color my world view? Were my coping skills compromised? Perhaps.

At last...I understood the Snickers commercial...I WAS the Diva.

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